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Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals Secrets and Tricks Revealed

Complete Guide to Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals

We’ve been staying in Blue Ridge, GA for over 10 years. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! As Central Floridians, being able to get to the beautiful mountains in just 8 hours is the perfect getaway. We can have a completely different experience in the mountains in less than a day’s drive. So when we go to Blue Ridge, we trade palm trees for mountain views and beaches for trails. And I have all the best tips on Blue Ridge cabin rentals and what to do and not do in Blue Ridge.

Here are some things you need to know:

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Not All Cabins are Created Equally

We have tried several different cabin rental companies. And we’ve also used the more common rental companies like VRBO and Airbnb. However, for Blue Ridge cabin rentals, there’s one company that’s above all of the others. I was offered a discount for sharing this opinion, but it is genuinely my true opinion. And it has been established over a decade of renting from this company, as well as from others. When you’ve experienced the best, it’s very hard to go back.

So what cabin rental company do I recommend? Hands down, Escape to Blue Ridge is the right choice. Their cabins are unrivaled when it comes to cleanliness, amenities, and preparation for the guest arrival. In fact, from the very first time that we stayed at one of their cabins, we noticed the difference. Cabins in their portfolio are noticeably different from others. There were actually honored in U.S. News and World Report as one of the Top 22 Cabin Rental Companies in the United States! You can’t go wrong with choosing one of their cabins.

Last year, we actually rented a cabin from another company that will remain anonymous. However, when we arrived, the heat didn’t work and the cabin was around 50 degrees. It took over 3 days to fix the heat! Our calls went unanswered, repairs were unfinished, and more. It was an actual nightmare. And the cabin was much more expensive than any we had rented previously! That experience made me realize how important it is to just go with the best. And that’s Escape to Blue Ridge.

Know What Features to Look For

We know exactly what we are looking for in a cabin rental. We go back and forth about what type of views we like, whether it’s river or mountain view. But we know that we need enough room for 7, and sometimes more depending on who is going on vacation with us. We also love a game room, bunk beds, and enough seating area to eat together as a family. We’ve looked at so many cabins and booked so many Blue Ridge cabin rentals, that we know what to look for in just a few minutes.

Here are some things to look for in Blue Ridge cabin rentals:

As a family, we know our preferences for each of these items. If you discuss some of these before booking, you’ll have a much easier time deciding on the perfect cabin. And some rental companies even have really easy to use search engines where you can select each of these preferences at the click of a button. With a click of a button, you can easily choose your options, and find the perfect Blue Ridge cabin rental.

You Can Find Affordable Options for Blue Ridge Cabin Rentals

Over the past 11 years that we have been visiting Blue Ridge, Georgia, this area has just been booming in popularity. This year, for our school’s Fall Break, we personally know of four families who are going to this area! So are there affordable options? Yes!

Thankfully, Blue Ridge is completely lacking in pretentiousness. It’s not one of those places where families and young children aren’t welcome, or where you need to be a millionaire to fit it. Blue Ridge is very relaxed and welcoming. So affordable Blue Ridge cabin rentals are definitely possible.

But the key is to start looking early. Since Blue Ridge has been gaining in popularity so much over the past several years, cabin rentals book up earlier and earlier. If you want to find affordable options, you need to start looking early. Booking your most preferred cabin a year in advance is not a bad idea! We generally start looking for next year’s cabin right after ending our stay in the area.

Blue Ridge has So Much to Offer!

I’ve written about Blue Ridge many times in the past. And I’ll continue to do so! We just love this area and never get sick of going back year after year.

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Blue Ridge:

And so much more! And I know- that last one is pretty crazy! But it’s such a fun and unique experience to be able to drive a tank. It was part of my husband’s birthday celebration in the past, and I can definitely recommend it as a bucket list item.

There are lots of beautiful mountain towns to visit. But there’s only one Blue Ridge, Georgia. Once you visit, you’ll fall in love with the beautiful scenery, welcoming locals, and family friendly laid back vibe. If you have the opportunity to visit, think carefully about where you book your cabin. This one decision can really make or break your Blue Ridge experience. And you certainly won’t go wrong with Escape to Blue Ridge.

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