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10 Useful Homeschooling Products You Need Now

Whether you’re completely new to homeschooling, or you’re a veteran, what homeschooling products do you actually need? This can be an overwhelming question! There are so many homeschooling products available, how can you know which one are worth your money? From a Mom of 5, who’s been homeschooling for over ten years, I can tell you what’s worth it and what’s not. Keep reading for my favorite Amazon finds!

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1. Rolling Drawer Cart

When I first started homeschooling, I imagined that I would have this beautifully arranged school room. But as any veteran homeschooling Mom will tell you, we usually end up at the kitchen table. This means that you need a way to organize all of your stuff! This rolling drawer cart is used every single day at our house. Each child has a drawer or two, and then they know where to put their things!

Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 15 Drawers

2. Magnetic Dry Erase Board Easel

All of the items on this list are things we actually use in our home. And while this product is not cheap, it’s very helpful! I use it to write our schedule for the day, what’s special in the week, our daily Bible verse, and the date. Sometimes, I even let younger kids practice their spelling words or work out math problems on the board. They love this! I like that this board is magnetic so you can hang up special papers or diagrams you want to display. And it also has the flip chart feature so that you can hang large papers as well. It’s really versatile and I use it every week!

White Board Magnetic Easel

3. Homeschooling Products: Laminator

Every time I use my laminator, I feel like a real homeschooling Mom. I mean, is it even possible to be a homeschooling Mom if you don’t laminate anything? I use this to make our daily homeschool schedules.

P.S. You can get my FREE downloadable printable homeschool schedule HERE!

I also use it to laminate things the kids will be using for a while, like memory work. And even one or two very special pieces of artwork will go through the laminator as well! You could also use it to create long lasting flashcards or make your own Memory game. If you’re a homeschooling Mom, you need a laminator.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

And every laminating Mom needs some laminating pages too! I was actually a little intimidated by the process of laminating, but with these AmazonBasics sheets, it’s super simple! Just put your document in one of these pages, and then stick it in the laminator. So simple!

AmazonBasics Letter Size Sheets Laminating Pouches

4. Desktop Desk Supply Organizer

When you’re homeschooling, you don’t want to have to get up and down for a pencil or an erase. It’s surprising how much time this can take. So you need a way to organize all of your items in one place. And bonus points if this is easily accessible for all. We use a simple desktop desk supply organizer that we keep in the middle of the table. I love this colorful version!

Learning Resources Storage Center

Or if you want one that’s a little more simple, I also love this one!

5. Microscope

I know it sounds a little high tech, but a simple microscope at home is a really nice addition to your homeschool supplies. Now, don’t get me wrong, we don’t use this for our science curriculum. It’s more of an enrichment item that is available for use by any of the kids. This Amazon item includes slides, so kids can get start discovering right out of the box!

Cordless Microscope with 10 Slides

6. Homeschooling Products: Cascading Wall Organizer

If you are doing any type of homeschooling program or co-op where you are taking papers back and forth, this can be really helpful! When you need to keep track of assignments for multiple kids, this could be a lifesaver. Or even if you just have one kid, you could use the different pockets for different subjects.

Cascading Wall Organizer

And if you’re looking for a reward system to use at home with younger kids, I love these Mini Incentive Charts! So cute and such a good way to keep track of behaviors, chores, and more!

Hot Diggity Dogs Mini Incentive Charts

7. Children’s Balance Ball

When my oldest, who is now 15, was in Kindergarten, he could not sit still. In fact, he could barely sit in his chair at all! He did most of his Kindergarten year standing by the table instead of sitting. While I haven’t personally used this balance ball with any of my kids, I certainly would have for my oldest! This is such a good idea, and a way to help kids with extra energy be able to focus more. And that’s one of the most beautiful things about homeschooling. You can do what you want!

Children’s Balance Ball

8. Learning Wrap Ups

I’ve actually been using these since I was a kid myself! My math teacher in middle school was a wonderful teacher. And she made math fun with so many games and activities. And these wrap ups were one of the highlights of our class! We used to fight in class over who got to do them first. Imagine! Fighting over a math game! I’ve had these in my home for years, and they are really useful for reviewing math facts. And now, they even have them for vocabulary, states and capitals, and more!

Learning Wrap Ups States and Capitals

Learning Wrap-Ups Pre-Algebra Kit

9. Dry Erase Lab Board

Similarly to the white board easel, these dry erase lap boards can be really helpful with many different ages. If you are practicing spelling words, writing memory verses, or doing math facts, this is a fun way to practice! Even for older kids, using this dry erase lab board as scratch paper can be an interesting diversion. And it’s really affordable to get several of these for families with many kids like ours!

6 pack Dry Erase Lab Board

10. Apple iPad

I know, I know… an iPad? But trust me, this is something that really helped my homeschooling life. Do we use it for more entertainment or actual learning? Well, that’s hard to say. But it cannot be denied that the potential certainly exists for this to be a powerful learning tool. You can preload your child’s device with excellent educational apps like PBS Kids and ABC Mouse. Depending on your child’s age, it can also be used for research and even writing papers. With a bluetooth keyboard, an iPad is nearly as powerful as a computer, just more portable.

Apple iPad

So what are your favorite homeschooling products? Do you have a supply or a curriculum you just love? Feel free to share in the comments and happy homeschooling!

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