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Legoland Pirate Island: Everything is Awesome

Where do you take a 12 year old birthday boy who is OBSESSED with Legos? Legoland Pirate Island Hotel at Legoland Florida is the correct answer! We recently celebrated my son’s 12th birthday with two of his best friends and had an incredibly awesome time. From the over the top themed rooms, to the two super fun pools, and the incredible food, you cannot go wrong with this hotel. In fact, I’ve shared about Legoland Florida in the past, and we just love going back time and time again. My kids have grown up going to this theme park! So what can you expect at Legoland Pirate Island? Well, to start, everything is AWESOME!

Where is Legoland Pirate Island?

I’ve had a lot of questions about where this hotel is exactly in relation to Legoland Florida. And this is a really important thing to know! So can you believe that this hotel is 130 kid steps away from Legoland Florida? That’s right! It’s a less than five minute walk. And what’s the difference between the Legoland Hotel and the Legoland Pirate Island Hotel? They are in connected buildings. So Legoland Pirate Island is basically a wing of the Legoland Hotel. It does have it’s own pool and also it’s own amazing restaurant. But the entrance, lobby, check-in area, and several other things are shared by the Legoland Hotel.

What can you eat at Legoland Pirate Island?

This is a great question! And it’s one of my favorite things at this hotel. The Shipwreck Restaurant has such delicious food and is an absolute must do! It honestly has some of the best vegan options I’ve had anywhere. You can see find more about the menu here and check out these delicious items:

And the vegan dessert is a warm dairy free chocolate fondue served with fruit and plant based marshmallows. I was just absolutely in love with this entire meal. It’s so nice to have such deluxe plant based options. At some restaurants, plant based eaters only get very simple pasta or salad dishes. This is a full course plant based meal!

What about the meat eaters? There are two options to choose for the table. There’s a Pirate Platter with beef brisket, pulled pork and more. And then there’s a Seadog Skillet with flank steak and pork tenderloin, in addition to several other items. Be sure to check out the full menu! Everything is served family style and you can get more of any of the dishes.

Breakfast and Other Dining Locations

Breakfast is included with all overnight stays at Legoland Florida Resort. At the Shipwreck Restaurant, you can find scrambled eggs, pancakes or Lego waffles, fruit, and more. It’s such a perfect way to get ready for a big day at Legoland! You can also visit Smuggler’s Bar for adult beverages and kid cocktails. And when you stay at Pirate Island Hotel, you can also eat at Bricks Family Restaurant and Skyline Lounge.

How to Make Reservations

As of the time of this post, you can make reservations for both Shipwreck Restaurant and Skyline Lounge on OpenTable. However, in the near future, you may need to make reservations upon check in at the hotel. But whatever the process, be sure to make reservations in advance for Shipwreck Restaurant for both breakfast and dinner! These are absolutely essential and you do not want to miss eating at this wonderful restaurant.

Accommodations at Legoland Pirate Island Hotel

We’ve stayed at this hotel twice, and have had the opportunity to experience both of the room types. We stayed in a standard room during this stay, which sleeps five comfortably. And in our previous stay, our family of 7 loved the Family Suite! Check out these details:

These rooms just need to be seen to be believed! They certainly have the “wow factor” when you walk in the door. And the toiletries are one of my favorite from any hotel I’ve visited. In fact, I always take the half used toiletries home!

What is there to do at the hotel?

Of course, you can spend your days at Legoland and the Legoland Water Park. But there’s plenty to do at the hotel as well! Check this out:

Legoland Florida is so much fun! And with a stay at the Legoland Hotel or Pirate Island Hotel, your day at Legoland becomes an unforgettable vacation. It’s something your kids just won’t forget.

Be 10 Too!

Did you know that Legoland Florida is turning 10 this year? And to celebrate, they are encouraging you, my dear adult reader, to be a kid with your kids! The birthday celebration lasts all year long. Embrace your inner child and #BE10TOO with your kids. Ride the rides, swim in the pool, be silly, and treasure these moments. I have such sweet memories with my kids at Legoland Florida while screaming down a drop on a roller coaster, catching a wave at the wave pool, and just being a kid with my kids. What memories will you make with your kids?

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