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Orlando Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings

Orlando backgrounds for Zoom meetings make Orlando feel closer! Beautiful backgrounds from all of your favorites Orlando attractions and locations! #orlando

We are spending a lot of time in Zoom meetings in our house. In fact, we have classes, meetings, lunch hangouts, and youth groups in virtual hangouts. And just in time, we have beautiful Orlando backgrounds for virtual meetings like Zoom! For example, from Universal Orlando classics like E.T. and SeaWorld Orlando’s Discovery Cove, there’s something for everyone. And even though we live in Orlando, we miss our local attractions!

Check out the Visit Orlando blog for all of the downloads for Orlando backgrounds and all the information below:

Courtesy of Visit Orlando

A trip to Orlando doesn’t have to feel so far off. The addition of new Orlando-centric backgrounds for Zoom makes Orlando feel closer! For example, there are backgrounds featuring iconic roller coasters and dinosaurs. And there’s also peaceful nature shots. In addition, you can find a “thrill” or “chill” for every Orlando fan.  

In addition, Visit Orlando launched a weekly series of 360-degree photos on its Facebook channel. These allow guests to immerse themselves into locations throughout Orlando, including world famous theme parks. The 360-degree photos can be viewed through mobile (tilting/shifting phones to change the view). And they can also be viewed on desktop by clicking with the mouse for a complete immersion. 

How to Use Orlando Backgrounds with Zoom

“Visiting” Orlando is easy with Zoom. Users can download any of the following high-resolution pictures from Visit Orlando to a computer or mobile advice, then set the image as a background in Zoom. The 23 options range from iconic theme park roller coasters, the world’s tallest swing ride, a tropical paradise scene, a chic gallery setting, peaceful gardens or even a massive dinosaur skeleton.  

Theme Parks 

Roller coasters fans of all ages can pretend they are about to launch into an adventure or for a milder take, enjoy a serene tropical paradise. 

Courtesy of Visit Orlando


Attractions along Orlando’s iconic International Drive including the world’s tallest swing ride, classic favorites like Gatorland and backdrops from the destination’s arts and culture scene make for a fun guessing game with friends or remind family members of fun vacation memories.  

Courtesy of Visit Orlando

Orlando Backgrounds of Local Neighborhoods 

If you’re looking to immerse in a relaxing Orlando scene will love options from local neighborhoods. For example, these range from the beautiful fountain at Lake Eola Park to the picturesque foliage at Leu Gardens.  

Courtesy of Visit Orlando

For those who want to get even more immersed in their virtual getaway, Visit Orlando has also compiled a list of 20-plus virtual thrills from the theme park capital of the world, including a 200-ft. roller coaster drop, fireworks over the famous Cinderella Castle, a zipline ride over alligators and more, all aggregated on Visit Orlando’s blog, And if you ask me, this is the perfect way to shrive this time without the attractions and locations we love!

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