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Typhoon Lagoon Rides and Slides You’ll Love

Typhoon Lagoon Rides for the Whole Family

You already know that we are a Disney family. But did you know how much we love Disney water parks? Even though I’ve been in love with Disney since I was a baby, I didn’t discover Disney water parks until I was an adult. And I feel like this might be all too common! But now that I have fallen truly in love, I want you to have the best day there as well. Disney actually has two water parks. They are Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. As of this writing, Blizzard Beach is currently closed for refurbishment. But Typhoon Lagoon is open for fun! And Typhoon Lagoon rides include slides and thrills for the whole family.

What are the Best Typhoon Lagoon Attractions?

This is a question that is best answered depending on who you ask. If you ask my teenager, he will say Humanga Kowabunga, which is the most thrilling ride in the Park. But if you ask me, I would say Crush ‘N Gusher, where you go up and down tube slides in a double raft. So here’s a list of all of the Typhoon Lagoon rides!

And there you have it! The complete list!

What’s the Surf Pool like at Typhoon Lagoon?

This is the signature attraction at Typhoon Lagoon. It’s called a surf pool but is better known as a wave pool. You might be surprised to hear of a wave pool in the list of Typhoon Lagoon rides. But this wave pool is truly a ride! This thing has the largest waves I’ve ever seen at a water park. My oldest son can’t get enough of riding these waves. In fact, you can even book private surf lessons before park opening on certain dates and times!

Only the strongest swimmers should proceed to the rope at the deepest part of the pool. And those wearing life jackets are not permitted past a certain point. But for those that can handle it, it’s quite the workout and the thrill!

There are also a few smaller slides on the side of the surf pool. These are only for children 60 inches or smaller. The waves do crash in this area also, so be sure to keep an eye on little ones! And it’s also a relief to know that Disney lifeguards are always watching.

Inner tubes are not permitted in the wave pool. Life jackets are encouraged for those that need them. And chairs surround one side of the wave pool and provide a perfect view of all the action!

What Typhoon Lagoon Rides are Good for Little Ones?

As you can see in the list above, there are several Typhoon Lagoon rides that don’t have any height requirement. Even though all of my kids are older now, I took them to Typhoon Lagoon when they were quite young. Since there are so many slides that the whole family can enjoy together, it’s a great place for the whole gang to have fun. And there are also so many lifeguards, that it provides Moms with a second set of eyes.

Rides at Typhoon Lagoon for Toddlers and Little Kids

  1. Bay Slides- body slides next to the surf pool. Must be UNDER 60 inches.
  2. Castaway Creek- lazy river with no height requirement. Circles the whole park!
  3. Gangplank Falls- family raft ride with no height requirement
  4. Keelhaul Falls- single tube ride with no height requirement
  5. Ketchakiddee Creek- kids play area where you must be UNDER 48 inches
  6. Mayday Falls- single rube ride with no height requirement
  7. Miss Adventure Falls- family raft ride with no height requirement
  8. Storm Slides- choice of 3 body slides with no height requirement
  9. Typhoon Lagoon surf pool- huge waves of 6 feet with no height requirement

Look at that! Nine experiences for even the smallest kids. So there is plenty to do for the whole family! And don’t forget about Ketchakiddee Creek. This is a whole play area that’s built just for kids. In fact, my bigger kids are sad they are TOO big for it!

Typhoon Lagoon is a Disney Must Do!

Disney water parks are such a wonderful hidden gem at Walt Disney World. Typhoon Lagoon has such a relaxed vibe and really encourages some screen free family time. There’s not many places in life that make me feel more like a kid again than a water park. Do yourself a favor and plan your visit today!

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