How to Prepare for a Hurricane with Kids



Stay Calm

Take it from a Mom of 5 who's lived through hurricanes her whole life. If you stay calm, your kids will stay calm. They are always watching you.


Get Supplies

Have the essentials on hand. Water, batteries, flashlights, first aid kit, pet supplies, and more. Keep those on hand throughout hurricane season. 


Charge Everything

Charge phones, computers, tablets, portable video games, rechargeable flashlights, etc. Entertainment goes a long ways in keeping kids calm during the storm!


Answers questions

Don't overload kids with information, but answer their questions honestly. There might be a lot of wind. We might lose power. But we will be safe and we will be together. 


Let kids help prepare

It can help kids feel empowered to be able to help prep the yard, get supplies, and make a hurricane party plan. Let them help in preparation and cleanup!

Hurricanes are scary, especially for kids. But with the right preparation, you can be as prepared as possible.

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