BEST ways to save money at theme parks

The best tips

for tickets


Be careful of peak times. This greatly affects ticket prices.


Check AAA discounts, military discounts, and more.


Use a travel agent. Their serves are free and so useful!

Why a Travel Agent?

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They are FREE!

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They know the best deals, ways to save money. Especially at theme parks!

how to save money

on Food

Check the food policy before you arrive. Most theme parks allow some food. At Disney, you can bring anything! This is so helpful and great for budgets!

how to save money

on Food at theme parks

Only eat one big meal in the parks. Plan to eat a big breakfast before you leave or eat outside the park for dinner. Pack heavy snacks or sandwiches and make do!

how to save money

Skip the Souvenirs

1. Buy outside the park.  2. Buy something online. 3. Plan ahead to allow everyone to pick one item of a certain dollar value. 

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