How to Start Homeschooling


Let the State or County know your intentions


Is Homeschooling Legal?

Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Check out for specific requirements for your state or county. 

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What are the requirements?

Most counties require a portfolio review at the end of the school year. Some require testing or teacher review. Requirements vary by state. 

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Decide on Curriculum and Schedules


Free Resources

With the course below. you can get a free PRINTABLE schedule for your homeschooling day. Lots more content and how to create the needed portfolio. 

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Accredited or not?

There are lots of support programs, umbrella schools, and co-ops available. Some are accredited, some are not. This is a big decision!



Homeschooling can  be lonely!

This is a unique choice and can be a lonely road. Find your friends!

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The course includes an exclusive community, and access to a homeschooling expert. 

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