Summer Homeschooling Guide


Summer homeschooling doesn't have to be overwhelming. Keep it simple, but keep skills sharp! And with some fun educational games and supplies!

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Keep it Simple

Summer should be a time of free play and exploration. Don't overschedule or over plan. Let summer be summer.

Tip 1



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Educational Fun

Homeschoolers are known for making learning fun, and summer is no different! Check out these supplies to keep learning fun!

Tip 2

Math Wrap ups

craft kit

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Summer Bridge Workbooks

These are my favorite summer learning supplies! There are books for all ages and they are so simple to do.

Tip 3

k-1st grade

Grades 3-4th

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Math and Science in Summer

Keep learning math and science at home with these supplies from Amazon.

Tip 4


Science Kit

Best math and science supplies for homeschooling Click to order!

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