Travel Must Haves


With a family of 7, packing is complicated. But since we travel so often, we've figured out the travel must haves! Find my best items from Amazon.

Travel Must Haves from Amazon

Suitcase and bags

Get a good suitcase and packing cubes. You can't pack well without a good base!

Travel Must Haves


Basic excellent suitcase

Packing Cubes

A must have. Trust me!

Best Luggage on  Amazon

For Kids

Travel with kids is a whole other ballgame! But as a Mom of 5, I've become an expert on what's needed.

Travel Must Haves

Kids Boots

Waterproof kids hiking boots


Pack these easily in your suitcase

Best Travel with Kids Gear on  Amazon

Essentials for Travel

You need to have the necessities ready at all times. Travel can be unpredictable!

Travel must haves

For Light

Be sure to carry at least one flashlight at all times. 

For Water

Always carry your own water bottle!

Best Travel  Essentials

For kids

Love this simple  journal!


You can easily jot down some notes

Best Travel  Journal Options

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