The best rides at

A roundup

Universal Studios Florida is a thrilling, awesome, unforgettably memorable place. It has so much to do around every turn, and while geared towards older visitors, there’s something for everyone!

Hollywood Ride Rip Rockit is a thrilling coaster! This popular ride will greet you with screams as you walk into the park. 51 inch height requirement. 

Harry Potter and Escape from Gringotts This 3-D ride will get your heart pumping as you race through the dark caverns of the Gringotts bank. 42 inch height requirement. 

Revenge of the Mummy will plunge you into the darkness of the tomb of an ancient mummy named Imhotep. This is an indoor coaster with a height requirement of 48 inches. Might be scary for little ones!

Best Rides for Families

* Men in Black * Race Through New York * ET Adventure * Simpsons Ride

Shows to Love

* The Bourne Spectacular * Animals Live on Stage *Horror Make-Up Show

Diagon Alley

This is one of the best parts of Universal Studios Florida. This magical part of the Park transports you to the world of Harry Potter!

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