Best Rides at Universal Studios

Find the best rides at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida is an amazingly thrilling, excitingly awesome, unforgettably memorable place. It has so much to do around every turn, and while geared towards older visitors, there’s something for everyone! You can ride with transformers, blast alien scum, and escape the clutches of a mummy! You can meet your favorite characters, watch incredible stunt shows and more. So without further ado, here are the best rides at Universal Studios Florida! 

best rides at Universal Studios

Universal Studios for Thrill Seekers

Get ready and strap in, because these headliner attractions will certainly be ones one one wants to miss, especially thrill seekers. 

1. Hollywood Ride Rip Rockit

This popular ride will greet you with screams as you walk into the park. On this coaster, you will be taken skyward at a 90 degree angle, but not after you pick your music! That’s right, as you roll into your ascent, you can pick a song from several music genres including country, pop, rap, electronica, and more! You may even want to look up how to access the secret song list for even more options. It has a height requirement of 51 inches. Have a rip rockin good time! 

best rides at Universal Studios

2. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts 

This 3-D ride will get your heart pumping as you race through the dark caverns of the Gringotts bank. You’ll travel down hundreds of feet into the earth and get to see the huge vaults reserved for the wizarding community. You’ll encounter trolls, goblins, and even some familiar faces- both friend and foe alike. It is part rollercoaster and part 3-D. This ride has a height requirement of 42 inches. 

Tip: The entrance to Diagon Alley (Harry Potter World) is not very well marked so as to make it seem secret. This being said, it can be hard to find it. It is located towards the back of the park, and is just past King’s Cross Station. You’ll notice a red phone box and sign for King’s Cross Station. At this point, turn left into the red building. Alternatively if all else fails, you can just follow the throngs of people coming in and out of the Alley. Have fun exploring the alley! There’s a lot to see! 

best rides at Universal Studios

3. Revenge of the Mummy

With a height requirement of 48 inches, Revenge of the Mummy will plunge you into the darkness of the tomb of an ancient mummy named Imhotep. He is after your souls and you must escape before it’s too late and you’re trapped in his tomb forever. It is very intense and is not good for younger children. However my teenagers love it and it is one of their favorites! 

Best Rides for the Whole Family

In spite of the fact Universal rides are more geared for teens and up, they do have some family friendly rides. They still have height requirements, but are much lower. These are also some great rides to cool off on or to just relax. So here are the best rides at Universal Studios Florida for the whole family. 

1. MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack

Located at the back of the park, this attraction is slightly dated, but lots of fun for the whole family. In this competitive shooting game, you’ll be sent out for training in the MIB, but when aliens attack earth, you may find yourself dealing with more than you signed up for! This is a ride that our family does over and over, because there is nearly always room to improve. The height requirement for this ride is 42 inches. 

2. Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon 

Join The Tonight Show’s host, Jimmy Fallon on a zany trip through New York and beyond. This attraction is marked as a ride, but should be more accurately called an “immersive show.” You’ll be in seats that will rock and shake, but not go anywhere as you watch through 3-D glasses. It is a great thing to do to get out of the weather, or just to hang out and be entertained. There’s lots to see inside while you wait for your group to be called into the theater. The height requirement is 40 inches. 

3. E.T. Adventure 

Take a trip down stostolgia lane with E.T. and help him save his planet. It has a height requirement of 34 inches. This is my personal favorite ride in both the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure parks. It reminds me of the movie from my childhood, and is a classic ride from the park. It is a basic ride, but very cute nonetheless. This is a must-do, especially for anyone that remembers sitting at their television discovering E.T. with Elliot for the first time. 

ET at Universal Studios

While not included in the best rides at Universal Studios Florida, it is important to note that there is the Hogwarts Express that travels to and from each of the two parks. It is a fun, family ride that is a nice alternative to walking to and from each park. However, you do need a ticket to both parks to ride the Hogwarts Express. This is located at King’s Cross Station, close to Diagon Alley. While there is no height requirement, any children under 48 inches require a supervising companion. 

Best shows at Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida is known for being a showcase! It’s a showcase of thrills, movie memorabilia, and of course- shows!

1. The Bourne Stuntacular

This marvelous stunt show follows Jason Bourne in a way like never before! It may be one of my favorite live shows ever. It involves incredible technology and is visually stunning. I won’t say anymore or I might give something away! 

2. Animal Actors On Location!

This animal show takes place near E.T. Adventure and is great for the whole family. It features several trained birds, dogs, cats, and more! You’ll see them do lots of stunts which connect to movies and television shows you probably know. It’s a great show and definitely makes the best shows at Universal Studios Florida list! 

3. Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show

Last but not certainly not least, this horrifyingly funny show is a favorite of many frequent visitors. This is a horror make-up and effects show with a comedic twist, but it is still horror and can definitely be too intense for younger children. You can see props and make-up effects from famous horror movies, along with how to make very realistic fake blood. It’s a fun show, but the squeamish beware! 

best shows at Universal

There’s something for everyone!

So whether you’re into Harry Potter, Men in Black, or something else, there’s something for you at Universal Studios. It’s a crazy place and if you liked it, you could even check out Universal’s Islands of Adventure on your next trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts on the best rides at Universal Studios Florida! Have fun! 

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