• Disney

    Easter at Disney World: All the Fun Details

    Every holiday is unique at Disney World. And Easter at Disney is no different! While it’s certainly not one of the biggest holiday celebrations at the Park, there are still several fun experiences to enjoy. There are so many fun…

  • Homeschool

    Is Homeschooling Hard? Honest Answers

    Is homeschooling hard? Perhaps you’ve found this post because you did a quick Google search in a moment of frustration with your current school. Or maybe you’re already homeschooling and you’re wondering if anyway else feels the way you do.…

  • Mom Life

    How to Organize Kitchen Drawers Quickly and Easily

    I’m a very organized person. I have schedules, plans, and several calendars. However, we all have those certain drawers. I hate to call them junk drawers because they aren’t holding junk. For me, these are simply holding things that don’t…

  • Orlando

    What’s New in Orlando to Love Now

    You all know my love for Orlando. I was born in Central Florida, and have called it home for nearly my whole life. What’s not to love? It’s tropical and sunny. And it is so family friendly! I love how…

  • Travel

    Crandon Park Beach: Hidden Miami Gem for Families

    When you think of Miami, I’m sure you think of beaches. However, you may not think of family friendly beaches. And that’s legitimate actually! South Beach, which is probably the most famous beach in Miami, is far from family friendly.…

  • Travel

    The Biltmore Hotel Miami: Is it for Families?

    We recently took our five kids to one of our favorite places in the world- Miami! This is where we started our family. And where we lived for several years when we were first married. We made wonderful lifelong friends…

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