• Mom Life

    How to Avoid Getting Sick with Kids

    In this time of year, it’s so easy to catch every little cold that’s going around. And when you are seeing a lot of different family members and friends, the chances for germs to spread around are multiplied even more!…

  • Homeschool

    How to Homeschool through the Holidays

    How do you homeschool five kids, do all the gift giving, holiday activities, drive 16 hours to visit family, and also work part-time in several different jobs? Well, I’m here doing it, so it seems I must know the answer.…

  • Mom Life

    Gift Guide for the Suburban Soccer Mom

    Did I plan on being a suburban soccer Mom? Well, yes and no. I always wanted to be a Mom and have a bunch of kids. But I kind of pictured my life a little more hip than the classic…

  • Disney

    Free Things To Do At Disney World: 20 New Ideas

    There’s so much to love about Disney World. There’s especially something to love when it’s FREE! And after being a Disney regular for over 30 years, I’ve mastered the things that you can do for little or no money. Of…

  • Disney

    Disney Gifts for Moms: 15 New and Unique Ideas

    What do you get the Disney Mom that has everything? What are the most unique and fun Disney gifts for Moms? Since I’m definitely a Disney Mom, I have insider knowledge on the most unique and fun gifts for that…

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