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    Blue Ridge GA Guide

    Blue Ridge GA is a family friendly travel destination. Easy access from major cities and lost of hiking, shops, and more. Get all the details. #blueridge #blueridgegeorgia #blueridgega

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    How to Prepare for a Hurricane

    How to prepare for a hurricane with kids and a family. The best actions to take before the storm hits from a Mom of 5 and lifelong Floridian. #hurricane #hurricanetips #hurricaneprep

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    Fall Travel Guide

    Fall travel guide to find gorgeous colors, apple cider, hiking, and more. Get ideas for lots of options in travel! #falltravel #familytravel #travelwithkids

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    Homeschooling Book

    Find the only homeschooling book you need. It has schedules, flow charts, and practical tips from a Mom of 5. Learn more! #homeschooling #homeschool

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    Hallowen Must Haves

    Halloween must haves from Amazon for a family friendly Halloween! Get all the deals and steals for a spooky holiday. #halloween #halloweenmusthaves #halloweenfinds #amazonfinds

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    Travel Must Haves

    Travel must haves for families, solo travelers, travel with kids, and more. Best deals and tips! #travel #travelmusthaves #travelgear

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    Discovery Cove Orlando

    Discovery Cove Orlando is so much fun! Get a sample itinerary, find out what's included and more. #discoverycove #orlando

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    Disney Tickets

    Disney tickets explained in detail. How do you get the best prices? How do you make a park reservation? All the answers! #disney #disneytickets #disneyworld

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    How to Save Money at Theme Parks

    How to save money at theme parks with the best tips. These work at Disney, Universal, or any local amusement park. #moneysaving #budgethacks #themeparks

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    How to Save Money at Disney

    How to save money at Disney! Find the best tips on food, tickets, and more. #disney #disneyworld #florida

The ONLY Homeschooling Book You NeedHomeschooling Simplified: Practical Tips and Encouragement for the Journey

Everything you've ever wanted to know about homeschooling, now available in one colorful and easy to read book!

This book is for Moms who have been homeschooling for 10 minutes or 10 years. 

With chapters including How to Get Started, Circle Time, Homeschooling High School, and much more.

Flow charts with easy to read step by step processes, how to make a homeschooling portfolio, printable schedules, and much more. Ebook and paperback available now on Amazon!

Blue Ridge GA Guide How to Prepare for a Hurricane Fall Travel Guide Homeschooling Book Hallowen Must Haves