Biscayne National Park


Biscayne National Park is one of the 63 US National Parks

The Park Details

This is a lagoon that stretches for 35 miles along the southeastern coast of Florida. And it covers an area of over 172,000 acres.

Take a Tour

You can schedule a guided tour with Biscayne National Park Institute that will allow you to snorkel and learn a great deal with an expert leading the tour!

Who Can Snorkel?

With a guided tour or with your own boat, the snorkeling is great for the whole family! The water is shallow and warm! It's a really great family adventure. 

Explore Islands

On our guided tour, we also explored one of the many small islands that make up the Park. It was fascnating!

Explore the  Visitors Center

Exploring the Visitors Center is a must do for any National Park. And Biscayne is no different. Get maps, Junior Ranger pins, and more!

Make the Memories

We are on a journey to visit every National Park in America! This one was adventerous and unique! Make the. memroies!

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