A Simple Homeschool Schedule

How to make a schedule

Every family's schedule will be different. There's no right or wrong way to homeschool. But a schedule can help bring order to your day and give everyone a starting point. 

Your schedule may be completely different than someone else's. And that's ok! There's freedom in homeschooling. 

Start Simple

Don't fill every minute of  the day. Allow for rest, changes, and flexibility. 

Sample Schedule

Breakfast and circle time Chores, music practice Math Board games, outdoor play Lunch and reading  History and Science English Reading Clean-up and Dinner Prep

Juggling different schedules of different ages can be difficult. Be sure to schedule time for the whole family to be together.  

What about Different ages

hybrid Homeschooling

If you choose to be part of a hybrid homeschooling program or co-op, you will have more of a set schedule.

How many Hours per Day

– Pre-K: 1 hour – Kindergarten: 1-3 hours – 1st and 2nd: 2-4 hours – 3rd/4th/5th: 3-5 hours – Middle School: 3-6 hours – High School: 4-6 hours

Piano practice and lessons, art, recess or playing outside and puzzles can all be counted as schooling time. And don't forget dinner prep!

What Counts as "School"

You are the expert. No one knows your family better than you do. Enjoy your day and the years that pass by so quickly.