Star Wars Cantina Disney World: Oga’s Cantina Explained

If you’re reading this and you are an expert at all things Galaxy’s Edge, feel free to stop reading! However, if you, like me, have some trouble understanding each of the amazing Star Wars locations, this post is for you! In fact, even though I’ve visit the Star Wars Cantina Disney World, I still needed some help explaining Oga’s Cantina. So, once again, I had my son’s help in writing this post! For your guide to all things Star Wars Cantina Disney World, keep reading.

What’s it like to visit Oga’s Cantina?

Welcome to the classic Star Wars restaurant that you’ve all been waiting for: Oga’s Cantina! Oga’s Cantina is really an amazing place full of music, high spirits, and spirits. It is located inside one of the 4 Disney World theme parks, at Hollywood Studios. Inside of Hollywood Studios, you will find the incredible Galaxy’s Edge. And inside of Galaxy’s Edge, you will find Smuggler’s Alley in Black Spire Outpost, on the Outer Rim planet of Batuu. But don’t worry, if you really don’t know anything about what all of that means, just ask any friendly Cast Member!

How to Get a Reservation

Unfortunately, this restaurant is one of the hardest to get into in all of the Disney parks. You are able to make reservations 60 days ahead. So make sure to be checking back regularly! If you are lucky enough to get a coveted reservation, then when it is your reservation time, you can either check in at the desk in front of the restaurant, or you can check in on your phone. Either way, you will then get a notice on your phone that will let you know when you are able to be seated. This process varies from time to time. So you might want to hang around near the Cantina to make sure you’re close.

Star Wars Cantina Disney World

Where should I sit inside of Oga’s Cantina? 

Once you are inside, you are immersed into one of the most iconic Star Wars scenes- a classic cantina. There is a DJ named R3X, a repurposed droid from Star Tours. This droid comes complete with tubes and wires hanging from the ceiling. And it even has creatures in containers to provide eggs and other concoctions available to order! You will either be seated at the bar, a standing table, or a booth. My personal favorite is the standing table because you can get a great view of the whole cantina, and the table changes colors! But after a busy day at the Park, being able to sit down isn’t too bad either. You really can’t go wrong!

What is there to eat and drink?

Once you are seated, you will scan a digital menu and order. Saying this place is a restaurant is a bit of a stretch. Their food options are very limited as the cantina mainly serves drinks and alcohol. I would highly recommend Oga’s Obsession as a food choice because it has such a strange gelatin texture with pop rocks. It’s absolutely amazing and unique! But don’t count on this place as a meal option. The most sizable thing on the menu is the meat and cheese board, called Happabore Sampler. This is a great snack to share! And from the Disney World website, here is a full list of what you can find at Oga’s Cantina.

Star Wars Cantina Disney World
Oga’s Obsession at Oga’s Cantina

There are lots of alcoholic beverages to choose from and an absolute crowd favorite is the Fuzzy Tauntaun. This drink is topped with buzz foam that makes your lips numb! There are also plenty of non-alcoholic choices for your kids or teenagers including the Jabba Juice, Blue Bantha (topped with a cookie), and my personal favorite, Bespin Fizz (which comes out smoking and has little gelatin balls popping around inside). One important note is that you can bring food inside! I thought that this was amazing and I love that Disney allows it! 

Blue Bantha drink
Blue Bantha non-alcoholic drink at Oga’s Cantina

Star Wars Cantina Disney World is Worth It

The music, the food, the drinks, the atmosphere. It’s all just something you need to see to believe. My children are huge Star Wars fans! And their Mom is also a fan. But I could never match their excitement. Even with that being true, visiting Oga’s Cantina was one of the most fun things I’ve done at Disney World. And I’ve done a lot of stuff! Oga’s Cantina is just so incredibly immersive and just a really enjoyable experience.

Jabba Juice

Overall, this is an incredible experience that is well worth your money. It is such a cool part of Star Wars that you definitely don’t want to miss! May the force be with you! 

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