Droid Depot Options at Walt Disney World

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If you’ve been following along for a while, you may have heard about our one on one dates with our kids. We give this as a gift to the kids each year for Christmas. And it’s always one of their favorites! This year, my oldest son had his heart set on building a droid at Hollywood Studios. So we wanted to explore all of the droid depot options at Disney World.

Droid Depot Options: Don’t Be Overwhelmed!

To be honest, even though I consider myself a Walt Disney World expert, I feel a little overwhelmed at the droid depot options. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed in all of Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge! They even use a different language. And if you aren’t an expert in all things Star Wars, this can be a little confusing. But once you have the droid depot options explained, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed!

How to Get In to Droid Depot

In general, you can visit Droid Depot at Black Spire Outpost with a reservation or without. However, during the reopening after the pandemic, walk-ins are very limited, if permitted at all. Your safe bet is to definitely have a reservation! A reservation allows two people into Droid Depot. This includes just the builder and one person to accompany the builder. And this was perfect for my son and myself on our date!

Droid depot options at Galaxy's Edge

You can also enter this store without building a droid. And be sure to check this store out for some very unique Star Wars gifts and even a very special gift card!

How much does it cost to build a droid?

The basic price is $99.99 to build either an R-series unit or a BB-unit. However, you can also choose to purchase the upgraded package that includes a personality chip and a carrying backpack. This is a really attractive deal, and one that we chose! This package is $149.99 and an Annual Passholder discount does not apply.

Droid building package

What’s it like to build a droid?

I’m going to let my son explain, in his own words! Since he is the biggest Disney fan that I know, he can tell you about it.

Building a droid at Galaxy’s Edge is an amazing experience! The entire process from beginning to end is seamless. The droid factory is an amazing sight. There are droid parts on conveyor belts in the ceiling, working droids on display, and old droid parts in piles. You wait in line to pay for your experience before you begin. Then, you chose what type of droid you want to build. You can choose between a BB-series or a R-series. However, I would recommend the R-unit because it has lots more droid depot options and varying aesthetics.

The Process Explained

You are then directed to an area where you can choose what pieces you want for your droid. There are many colors available including blue, red, black, white, orange, and purple. One of my favorite options is a clear head! It is such a cool option that is very unique. Once you have your parts, you are led to an assembly booth where you put your droid together under the supervision of a Cast Member. You will also use a tool form a side panel to help screw in parts to your droid!

Droid depot at Hollywood Studios

Once you have assembled your own droid, it is time for activation! This is a pretty cool process where you can see your droid come to life. Once you are done, you will be given a remote to control your droid, along with other instructions that you may need. And you can also download the droid depot app to interact with your droid more. For example, you can play Tic Tac Toe with your new friend!

droid depot options at Disney World

Also if you purchase a personality chip, you can put that into your droid as well. It will change the way your droid sounds and talks depending on which chip you pick. Your droid depot options for personality chips are Resistance, First Order, or Scoundrel. Once you’ve completed the activation, you have completed your droid building! I loved the experience and thought it was worth every penny. Have fun!

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