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College Move In Day Tips for Success

Although I haven’t sent a child to college yet, I did move into college myself! But like most families, the excitement of moving into a new dorm room begins to wear off when you realize what needs to be done! College move in day starts to lose it’s fun when you have to pack your belongings. And it’s really not an easy process once you think about it! So when I send a child to college move in day, I’m determined to make our moving experience easy and simplified. And hopefully, I’ll be able to pull it off with as little stress as possible!

Want a stress-free, simplified move to head back to college or conquer college move in day? Here are a few tips that helped!

College Move in Day Step One- Declutter

I have always been a fan of decluttering my room. I love re-organizing every couple of months! But this is extremely beneficial when you are preparing to move. After all, who wants to take the time to pack and move something you don’t plan on using in your new home? Pro-Tip: Start by decluttering the small areas of your room, such as your desk drawers and closets. What to do with the things you don’t need? Have a garage sale or donate! It will feel so good to free up that space. And then know that you don’t need to move it to the next house.

Stock up on bins or boxes in advance

The moment  a move is mentioned in your household, begin hoarding bins and boxes. You will not regret having these stockpiled in your garage to pull out as you start packing your life away. With a move imminent, keep a stock of large cardboard boxes on hand in the garage. Pro-Tip: Need affordable packing supplies? Hardware stores like The Home Depot have cardboard boxes in every size you can think of at a very affordable price.  

college move in day

Pack non-essentials ahead of time

As your bin and box collection starts to ramp up, begin packing up all your non-essentials. I recommend starting by packing up all off-season clothing, extra bedding, and anything in your garage that you won’t be using before you move. This allows you to get a good head start on everything without interrupting your day-to-day life. And then all your essentials are still readily available. As you get closer and closer to the move date, you will find that fewer and fewer of your items will become essential. If you do this little by little, you won’t be scrambling as much the night before the truck gets loaded! 

Label everything for College Move In Day

Can one overdo it on labeling? I think not. As you start filling all your boxes I cannot encourage you enough to LABEL, LABEL, LABEL. I recommend labeling the boxes by the room they should be unpacked in within the new home. Be specific too! Rather than writing “closet” write “sweatshirts.” That way, when all your boxes are being unloaded, you and anyone helping you, knows exactly where to bring each item. Believe me, there will be so much going on the day of your move. So having the boxes specifically labeled by room will make the process much simpler.

Hire a moving company

Last time we moved, I hired a moving company to take care of all of our large items. And I was so glad I did! If you still feel like you need an extra hand with moving, you can always hire a moving company. This can be a really great option if you can’t be at your home and take the time to get everything as organized as you hope. It can also be a great option if you, or someone you love, have disabilities that make it hard to do these things on your own. You can hire someone to do the heavy lifting for your furniture. Or you can hire someone to just do the labor of packing and unpacking. Or you can hire someone to take care of all of it! 

college move in day
Image: 24/7 Logistic Services

If you live in Florida, I recommend 24/7 Logistic Services if you are interested in hiring professionals to help you with your move. They are a small business located in the New Jersey area and are there to help you every step of the way! Whether you moving to Hollywood Florida long distance or needing a short move to your local college, they can do the job. They offer a variety of services to help you with packing, physically moving or just asking professionals questions and getting the correct and reliable answers you need. 

I hope you can call on these tips to help you prepare for your next big adventure! It’s times like that when it really pays to have things organized and thoughtfully planned. Plus, it makes moving into the new dorm room that much simpler. What are some ways you stay organized when moving to college?

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