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Snack Time Survival Guide for Busy Families

After school snacks. Soccer snacks. Lunch snacks. Dance snacks. Travel snacks. Sometimes it feels like my life as a Mom revolves around snack time! With 5 kids, there is always SOMEONE who needs a snack. Here are my best tips for managing snack time in your busy household.

1. Always have good options on hand. 

You know what kids do. They run to the pantry, grab chips or candy, and they are good to go. But as Moms, when snack time hits a thousand times a day, we know there has to be delicious, easy, healthy snacks, ready to go. Some of my favorite things to have on hand are cheese sticks, fresh fruit, and dried fruit! Raisins are a big hit in my house. And now that Sun-Maid has come out with SOUR Raisins, snack time just got a heck of a lot easier for me.

These brand new snack options from Sun-Maid are made with whole fruits, no added sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, and no synthetic colors. Mom win for sure! I’m so thankful to have something else to round out the pantry when hungry kiddos come running into the house to satisfy that sweet tooth.

How do you survive the nonstop snack requests in a busy family? Get the best snack time survival tips from Orlando lifestyle blogger, Amber Likes.

2. Choose snacks that are easy to take on the go.

We are always on the go. Even though we homeschool, we have soccer practice, soccer games, church, dance lessons, and play dates! Back when I had just one kid, I might have tried to limit snacking in the car. That was soooo four kids ago for me! Now, car time is actually a great time to get their bellies full before we arrive somewhere. 

So what kinds of snacks are good to have in the car or on the go? Non-messy ones of course! Sun-Maid Sour Raisins are the perfect choice! With this fun new sour flavor, my kids think of it as a treat. But I know there are getting a whole fruit snack, with a punch of flavor. I’m going to keep these in the car at all times!

The best snacks for large families

3. Set official snack times. 

This is something I didn’t do until several years into my parenting journey. But trust me, it will help save your sanity in a major way. When we are at home for homeschooling days, the tendency can be to want to graze all day long. While I know small kids need lots of small meals, I also know that this snack request is often made out of boredom. So we have established certain snack times during the day, and this has really helped cut down on the number of times I hear, “Mom! Can I have a snack?!” We have set times for “healthy” snacks and “unhealthy” snacks as well. Everything in moderation! 

4. Your kids won’t starve. Don’t be scared to say no.

This is also something that I’ve really learned after a decade or more of parenting. I used to feel like kids might actually starve if they didn’t have a snack after every soccer game. Now, I realize, they might be a little uncomfortable, but they won’t die. They might be a little whiny, but they’ll live. This really freed me to have much less anxiety about snack time. Realizing it was something that was enjoyable, but sometimes also optional, made it more pleasant for the whole family!

Snack Time

That’s my snack time survival guide for a busy family on the go! I’m sure you have some wonderful strategies that you’ve developed as a family also, and I would love to hear them in the comments. Be sure to pick up some Sun-Maid Sour Raisins, and be ready for the next snack time with a kid craved, mom approved option. Happy snacking!

How do you survive the nonstop snack requests in a busy family? Get the best snack time survival tips from Orlando lifestyle blogger, Amber Likes.

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