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Back to School and Birthdays with American Girl

As you all know, we are huge fans of American Girl in our home. I’ve shared about this love several times in the past, and when we recently had so many birthdays to celebrate combined with back to school, American Girl is the perfect choice for my girls!
At our house, we have big birthday parties for the 5th, 10th, and (planning on) 15th birthdays. When our youngest was turning 5, I wanted her to have a special outfit for her big party. She is deeply in love and attached to her Bitty Baby, so she was thrilled with a matching birthday outfit for the two of them to wear to the party! She was so proud of herself, and carried Bitty Baby in her matching outfit down the bounce house slide, while running around with her friends, and in all the party fun!

American Girl has so many great products for any special birthday or celebration. My girls love to match with their dolls, especially for special events. I love the style and modesty of the American Girl outfits, and our new 5 year old couldn’t have been more pleased to celebrate her birthday in American Girl style!

With my oldest daughter turning 11 and starting middle school, I’m always looking for all the help I can get for a smooth transition to this new stage of childhood. We have read several of the “growing up” American Girl books in the past, and their books have helped us move into new phases of childhood and now, the pre-teen stage!

Check out these titles! Such great information; even as a grown woman, I could probably learn a thing or two from reading them! I was so happy to give these books to my daughter for her birthday. It will help her navigate the world of middle school, friends, technology, and more. There are so many new socials situations that she will encounter, both in real life and in the digital world, and these books are a great way to start conversations with her. As a mom, I take my responsibility to talk with my daughter about these issues very seriously, and I trust these American Girl books to help start the conversation in an appropriate and truthful way.
With all of the kids headed back to school, of course our American Girl dolls needed to be prepped and ready to go back to school too! This little backpack and the contents are so adorable, and perfect for intelligent and kind young ladies getting back to studying. One of the things I love about the American Girl brand is how they make smart look cool and beautiful. With this tiny little sheet of math and science facts, my daughter sets up Luciana for success and studying, and is also internalizing that she too can be amazingly successful at any subject she chooses.

When Luciana becomes an astronaut; in her imagination and in her mind, my daughter can be too! American Girl makes all kinds of possibilities a reality through play.

I am very thankful for American Girl’s help in raising three smart, kind, beautiful young ladies. For each stage of life, and change in season, American Girl is there to help us navigate that change in a fun, lighthearted way. As a mom, they help me start important conversations with my girls that help us grow closer. It’s not often that a toy can help girls reach for their dreams, and act them out in their own corner of the world. Reach for the stars my little princesses!
*Products were provided by American Girl in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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