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Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom: A Date with My Son

I went on a very special date this past weekend! I’ve talked earlier about the importance of one on one time, especially in large families like ours, and this was a very special opportunity for just that! My 13 year old son treated me to Cinderella’s Royal Table using money he earned from mowing lawns. He also received a Disney gift card for his birthday, and took the decision on what to spend that on very seriously. He finally decided that he would like to use it for a new experience at Walt Disney World, and then use his own money to share it with another family member.

All of my children are very kind and thoughtful. But my oldest has such an unusually sweet soul. He is sensitive, generous, and sincere. He will make an excellent spouse, and makes me a very proud mother. During our whole day at Magic Kingdom, he treated me like a queen! He bought me treats, never let me carry a bag, opened doors for me, and gave me the best seat on every ride. I have no idea how I am so blessed to be this young man’s guide in life, but it is one of my greatest joys!
When the decision was finally made to use the gift card for a dining experience, he finally narrowed it down to breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table. This was chosen mostly because we really enjoy getting into Magic Kingdom before the general crowd. This is even better than rope drop! If you have a dining reservation before the official park opening time, you are allowed into the park to enjoy an empty Main Street. Be sure to check out my instagram IGTV video to see what it looks like to be the first to walk down Main Street, USA!

We have dined at Be Our Guest several times before park opening, and have often gotten to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster two or three times before the park even opened! It’s an amazing experience that is worth the price of breakfast. But since Cinderella’s Royal Table is a more expensive dining experience, we decided to take our time and really enjoy the meal, rather than rush off to ride.

When you first enter the castle, you get to meet Cinderella! It’s a lovely meet and greet, and then your name is called to proceed up the stairs to the dining area. The actual dining area is quite small, and the best seats are probably those by the stained glass window. We got a wonderful seat by the window and soaked in the glorious views of Magic Kingdom!
It’s so wonderful to share Walt Disney World experiences with my son because he appreciates the little details just like I do. We noticed the Mickey shaped pastries, the details on the floor, and the inscriptions on the sword and the wand. Disney magic really is in the details, and my son loves to notice as many of these details as possible! He memorizes Disney trivia books and loves to look for little known details in every nook and cranny.

As for the food at Cinderella’s Royal Table, in all honesty, the options were not my favorite. I am a pretty plain jane when it comes to food, so it was probably just too fancy for me. The pastries were amazing though and the entire experience is unlike any other. My son loved his meal, and we took the extra pastries with us when we were done to snack on during the rest of our day at Walt Disney World.

We loved rocking our Whosits and Whatsits 7Dwarfs tees throughout the parks. We got such wonderful reactions to them, and when we did ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train later in the day, we felt like we just belonged!

During the dining time, four more Disney Princesses made their way from table to table. We met Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, and Snow White! We got autographs, pictures, and had a wonderful time. Of course, being a teenage boy, my son wasn’t as interested in the actual princess meet and greets, but he graciously offered to take my picture with each one, and was kind and polite with them as they greeted our table.

When dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, you really do feel like royalty. All of the details of the experience make a welcoming enclave of magic. Being treated to this meal by my hardworking and generous 13 year old son made the whole experience incredibly special. My son had to sweat and labor for many hours to earn the money to buy my breakfast. He was proud of his accomplishment, and what he was able to provide. I am so proud of him, and was honored to spend the day with him in the Happiest Place on Earth.

*My son and I were gifted these amazing shirts by Whosits and Whatsits. Thank you!

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