GameTime Orlando for the Win!

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Guys! If you live in Central Florida, and you haven’t been to GameTime in Ocoee, what are you doing with your life?! But seriously, I’ve shared about GameTime in the past, and we had such a wonderful time that we couldn’t wait to go back! We have had the opportunity to visit a lot of different arcades and entertainment complexes all over the country, and GameTime is absolutely the most well maintained arcade we’ve ever visited.

For this visit at GameTime, we tried out their Dine N’ Play promotion, which includes a $15 all access game card, plus a select entree, for $16.99. There was a wide range of entries available with this deal, and there was something for everyone! The portions were large, and we had plenty to take home to enjoy the next day. The service was attentive and friendly, and the restaurant was very well maintained. I would definitely plan to dine at the restaurant again, and with the large clear windows, you can easily see your children playing in most areas of the arcade. Also, the restaurant is situated right by the entrance and exit, making it easy to watch the doors for older children and teens who can spend some time in the arcade on their own while their parents enjoy a meal.

When you think of arcades, you don’t generally think of cleanliness. Also, it seems you can generally expect for many games to not be functioning properly. However, during both of my visits to GameTime, each time with 7 people, I never encountered a single game that wasn’t functioning! Every time you swiped your card to play, the machine simply worked! It’s such a struggle for parents when, at other entertainment complexes, children keep getting upset when their cards don’t work and we have to track down employees to help. This is so rarely an issue at GameTime!

There are so many great games at GameTime! They have all the classics like skee-ball, basketball, and crane games. But then they also have huge, wall-sized games that are so colorful and fun, you feel like you’re on a game show! When you purchase a card, you have the choice of either a Timed Play card or All Access card. With the Timed Play card, you can play as many non-prize games for a certain amount of time. With the All Access card, you can earn tickets and win prizes! They each offer a different type of experience, with different advantages of each. With the Dine N’ Play promotion, we got to experience the All Access experience, and earn some really fun prizes! There’s just something about a claw game that I really love, and I managed to have the thrilling experience of winning two large GameTime balls! I laughed and cheered for excitement when those balls actually made it into the chute just like I was 5 again!

With children ranging in age from 5-13, we all had a delicious dinner and made wonderful family memories together. GameTime is a wonderful family outing, would be a great place to have a birthday party or team building event, would be perfect for a date night, or just an after school treat! We have visited several times, and each time, the level of excellence is the same as the last. The employees are courteous, helpful, and professional. This is a next level arcade and gaming experience. My children are already planning when we can go again!

GameTime has lots of other awesome promotions, such as $5 football features, special deals for the big game during the first weekend of February, Happy Hour Deals, and Play Your Way Thursday nights, where you can get 5 hours of Timed Play for just $10 during the last five hours of Thursday evenings. There are always new promotions available and GameTime is the perfect place to watch the big game! Be sure to check out their website for the latest deals and specials.

There are five GameTime locations around Florida, including Miami, Fort Myers, Daytona, Tampa, and Ocoee/Orlando. So no matter where your travels take you in Florida, you’re not too far away from this premier entertainment complex! Be sure to visit me on Instagram for more pictures and videos from our visit to GameTime. Go play some games with your kids and feel like a kid again for a few hours!
*We were provided with complimentary experiences in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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