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Full breakdown and review of the Behind the Seeds tour at Epcot

I’ve done quite a few tours at Walt Disney World. I’ve done the epic Keys to the Kingdom tour at Magic Kingdom. And I’ve done VIP Tours at all of the Parks. And I’ve even done the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom twice! So as I continue to work my way down the list of the behind the scenes and special tour at Disney World, I needed to check out the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot! This is a short and sweet tour with a reasonable price. Is it worth the time and money? Keep reading to find out!

behind the seeds tour

What is the Behind the Seeds Tour at Epcot?

This is a one hour, educational walking tour. It is located in the LAND pavilion at Epcot, in the same building as Soarin’ and the Living with the Land attraction. In fact, the Behind the Seeds Tour takes you behind the scenes of the Living with the Land greenhouse boat ride. This attraction is a personal favorite, and is also one of the older attractions at Epcot. During the Behind the Seeds Tour, you will pass by, on foot, as boats make their way through the water.

behind the seeds tour
Behind the Seeds Tour

Behind the Seeds is a one hour walking tour. When you go on this tour, you should plan to be on your feet for the entire time. So, as with any visit to Walt Disney World, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Closed toed shoes are also recommended. With that being said though, guests may remain in their wheelchair, motorized scooter or ECV throughout the experience. So this is actually a very accessible and limited mobility friendly behind the scenes tour!

What do you see on the tour?

The Behind the Seeds tour is a walking tour of the greenhouses of Living with the Land. You will start your tour in a small room where you are shown different types of plants. There’s also an educational video about the different plants you learned about in this room. This Disney tour is also one of the few where you are actually allowed to take pictures behind the scenes!

After beginning your tour, you will also get a small earpiece with a listening device. This allows you to hear the tour guide as you walk, and without needing to be too close. After all of the guests were outfitted with these listening devices, we exited the room and headed towards the greenhouses.

behind the seeds tour

Outside of the greenhouses, we also looked through the back windows of the USDA growing lab. Since this is a sterile environment, guests do not go through this area, but we were able to look through the glass and learn some very interesting growing techniques.

After this point, we entered the greenhouses. We learned so many interesting facts! For example, did you know that all of this growing area using hydroponic growing techniques? There’s no soil in any of the greenhouses of Living with the Land! The cutting edge growing techniques of these greenhouses are helping increase production and actually help feed guests at various restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Epcot behind the seeds tour

Unique Experiences on this Disney Tour

During the Behind the Seeds tour, we tasted fresh cucumbers, feed fish, and learned about a touch sensitive plant. It was really amazing how close we walked to the boats of the Living with the Land attraction! Since I’ve been riding those boats since before I could walk, it was really fun to be on the other side of the ride. I’ll take any opportunity to go behind the scenes at Disney World!

behind the seeds tour food sample

But is it worth it?

At just under $30, with our annual pass discount, this is one of the most reasonably priced special experiences at Disney! Without the passholder discount, the price is $35 at the time of this writing. But for the chance to go behind the scenes at Disney World, this is a very reasonable price. It’s not a super long or detailed tour, but for some guests, one hour is the perfect amount of time. With the Behind the Seeds tour, you still have time to enjoy the rest of Epcot during your visit to this park.

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I would definitely recommended the Behind the Seeds tour. It’s not for very young kids, who would just be bored I would think. But for kids ages 8 and up, or those younger who are more interested in plants, this is a wonderful experience! However, if you have kids who don’t love to be still and listen to facts about plants and greenhouses, you might want to wait until your kids are older. I would guess that the ideal age for this Disney tour is 13 and over. But each family is different!

behind the seeds tour fish ponds

The Epcot Behind the Seeds tour was the perfect date for me and my oldest son. As we make our way around all of the Disney tours, this was a lower commitment both in time and money. And we both really enjoyed it! Now, each time we ride Living with the Land, we will hopefully think of each other, and that time we tasted freshly grown Disney cucumbers together.

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