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Chip N Dale’s Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill at Epcot

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We don’t often dine in the parks, because, well, there’s 7 of us. We try to do it for a special occasion, and Chip N Dale’s Harvest Feast at the Garden Grill does not disappoint. It’s certainly not cheap, and big families (and even small ones) at Walt Disney World know what I’m talking about! But with the Rotating Restaurant, as we affectionally call it (real name Garden Grill at the Land), it’s such a great experience that we try to make it a once every other year kind of thing. So this year, we went on my birthday! 

The most unique this about this restaurant, which is located inside the Land pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World, is that is slowly spins! This is why we have always called it the “rotating restaurant.” The official name of the restaurant has changed over the years, but the slow spinning has not! You might think that this is a strange concept for a restaurant, but it spins so slowly, you barely notice it. It takes about one hour to make a full rotation. You pass through several areas of the Living with the Land ride, including the rainforest, prairie, and the farm house. There is also a lovely painted wall that has a hidden Mickey that is incredibly hard to find! Of course, thoughtful Walt Disney World cast members and waiters always do their best to help.

There is no menu, except for alcoholic drinks, which are extra. It is an all you can eat, family style meal, which serves something like a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, and beef. There is no ordering, the food is just served. The first course is potato salad, rolls, and a salad. Then the main course comes out, which is served in a large skillet. They also bring macaroni and cheese and fries for the kids. The drinks are unlimited, and the kids loved being able to drink as much chocolate milk as they wanted! This is a rare occurrence for them inside Walt Disney! The food is really, really good, and somewhat nutritious, particularly for theme park food.

Our favorite was the green beans and squash medley! It was the only thing that we asked for more of after our first serving. Dessert is a short cake, with whipped cream and strawberries. It was delicious! Sprinkle cookies are served for the kids, and since it was my birthday, I also got a mini chocolate cake slice, complete with a candle, song, and a birthday card from Mickey, Pluto, and Chip and Dale!

The food is delicious, the rotating novelty is very fun, but the real magic at this meal comes from the character meet and greets! Choosing to dine at a character meal is an excellent, low stress way to meet characters. They come to you! No waiting in line, no heat, no wondering if they will take a five minute break right when you are next in line. You just casually eat your food, and then they come visit your table. At our meal, we were visited by Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Chip and Dale three times each! Plenty of time for pictures, interactions, and general merriment. 

It is so magical to watch your children’s faces and see them be silly and carefree with these lovable characters. Check out my little one’s face in the picture above, staring lovingly at Pluto. From my oldest to my youngest, they all wanted individual pictures and hugs. My oldest, who is now 12, has such great memories from this restaurant from throughout his life. One time, Chip and Dale helped him decorate his cupcake (back when that was the child’s dessert), and smeared icing and sprinkle all over his nose! It was such an amazing experience, and one we will all never forget.

At $47.93 for those 10 and over, and $28.76 for the kids, this is a very expensive meal for us as a big family, even by Walt Disney World standards. This is why we only do it once every few years. It is definitely an investment, but one that will be well worth the memories! Don’t let the kids eat the morning before the meal ;-), come hungry, and make magic with your family that will last a lifetime. Thanks for the memories Garden Grill at Epcot!

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