Homeschool Hybrid Program Explained from a Veteran Mom

As you know, we’ve been a homeschooling family for 10 years. And I shared with you in a previous post, we are making a change in our schooling. I think it’s best for our family, but it’s also a big deal. And with a new school, that means new uniforms! French Toast sent us some beautiful uniforms for our new school year, so we are all set! I’m going to share the basics of a homeschool hybrid with you, as well as our choice in school uniforms.

What is a Homeschool Hybrid?

In a homeschool hybrid, students may be registered with their county as a homeschooler, or be under an umbrella school. But the basics of a homeschool hybrid means that students go to school twice a week, and are home three days a week. This isn’t a drop in program, but rather all students at the school are on the same schedule. Every student in their class is only on campus twice a week, and is home three days a week.

This type of schooling is also known as part-time homeschooling or a University Model. You can probably see why this is known as a University Model of homeschooling. It’s very similar to a college schedule where you attend classes twice or three times a week, and then study on your own on other days. I love this system because it helps prepare kids for a more adult type of learning.

homeschool hybrid

What the Advantages of a Homeschool Hybrid Program?

In my opinion, there are many advantages of a Homeschool Hybrid. Here are some:

  • More time with your kids.
  • Kids have more time with their siblings.
  • More awareness of what your kids are learning.
  • You will be aware of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • More flexible schedule.
  • Less emphasis on social drama.
  • More time to focus on individual interests.

My favorite part of our hybrid homeschool program is spending more time with my kids, but also having time to myself. It’s a perfect combination for our family!

What are Some School Essentials?

Whether you are full time homeschooling, full time on campus, or doing a homeschool hybrid, you need school supplies! These include books, pencils, paper, and depending on your school, uniforms.

French Toast Uniforms

At our hybrid homeschooling program, students are required to wear uniforms! I think this is wonderful because it makes for less decision making every morning about what to wear. And it also creates a supportive learning environment by taking school seriously.

homeschool hybrid explained

How cute are my kiddos in these French Toast uniforms? We were sent these uniforms and are so impressed with the quality and comfort. I know you have a lot of choices in uniforms, and French Toast should be at the top of your list! Check out these things you should know:

  • French Toast is a family business which has been outfitting kids for schools for the last 35 years.
  • During this pandemic, they want to offer families health, love and peace of mind. How? -French Toast is sending masks to schools nationwide—covering 550K students in total.
  • $500K worth of product has been donated to families in need
  • Most importantly, French Toast clothes last!
  • Children are most likely to outgrow the clothes than have them wear out!
  • The polos are 50 wash tested (no fading), power knee pants have double the fabric and many have adjustable waists.
french toast uniforms

Their best seller is the Signature 3-button tagless polo! My kids have not complained once about them being itchy or uncomfortable. And if you’re a Mom, you know that’s pretty impressive!

Homeschool hybrid school uniforms


I’ve shared some of our best choices of curriculum additions. Since we are part of a homeschool hybrid program, we don’t choose all of our curriculum. I know some people love choosing their own curriculum, but I don’t personally have that many strong preferences. Here’s a post about some of my favorite free websites:

20 FREE Educational Websites

Be Brave! Be Different!

Hybrid homeschooling is not a traditional schooling method. But who said we need to anything just because that’s what everyone else is doing? We all need to choose what’s best for our children. And I firmly believe that parents are best equipped to make that decision for their children. We might sometimes feel scared, or ill-equipped. But especially with a homeschool hybrid program, you have a supportive community to come alongside you on your homeschooling journey.

I’ve heard every excuse in the book on why parents think they can’t homeschool. 

  • “My kids would never listen to me.”
  • “I would lose my mind.” 
  • “I wouldn’t know where to start.” 
  • “My kids are too smart to homeschool.” 
  • “My kids are too social to homeschool.”

And while some of these might be true, you really can do it. You can be successful if you think homeschooling or hybrid homeschooling is best for your children!

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