How to Adopt a Banshee at Animal Kingdom

You can do a lot of very unique things at Disney World. You can ride a flying elephant, walk through a castle, go on a safari, and meet a Mouse! And you can also adopt a banshee! Since we’ve been annual passholders for nearly our whole lives, we’ve done a lot of amazing things at Disney World. But we’d never been able to adopt a banshee until recently! When one of my daughters wanted to go to Animal Kingdom for our annual one on one date, we wanted to make it really special. When you adopt a banshee, that’s a really special way to spend a date!

What is a banshee?

For those of you that don’t know, a banshee is part of the world of Avatar. This is what you ride on the you experience the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction. It’s part of the rite of passage for the Na’vi to soar on the back on the back of a banshee. Soaring on the back of one of these powerful winged creatures represents an important rite of passage for the Na’vi. 

how to adopt a banshee

These creatures look a little like dragons, but are more magical and friendly. They come in lots of different colors. And you are matched with a banshee during the Avatar Flight of Passage attraction. So after you experience the amazing adventure during the attraction, you will be deposited right into Windtraders, which is a gift shop inside the World of Pandora at Animal Kingdom.

How do you adopt a banshee?

When you enter Windtraders, you will find lots of options for Avatar and Pandora merchandise. There are lots of really unique gifts and souvenirs in this store! My little one was intrigued by so many different items. However, there’s nothing quite like adopting a banshee.

adopt a banshee

To adopt a banshee, you enter the Rookery. Before entering, you will be greeted by a Cast Member, who in this area is also known as a a Naturalist from Alpha Centauri Expeditions. This person will guide you through the process of finding the perfect banshee. There are 10 different styles and colors to choose from, although not all will be available at all times.

When you adopt a banshee, you’ll find that each includes three ranges of motion. Their mouth, head, and wings are all controlled by hand. They even make authentic banshee sounds!

Extras for Your Banshee

You can also purchase a stand for the banshee to perch on. And you can choose a bag to carry your banshee as well. For younger guests, it seemed that the bag was really helpful in carrying the banshee around Animal Kingdom.

When you take the vow to adopt a banshee, you are then presented to the entire gift shop at Windtraders as a new banshee owner! My daughter really loved this announcement, and it made the whole experience so special. This is the special step that makes adopting a banshee at Animal Kingdom so special. It’s not just buying a plastic toy, it’s becoming part of a family. My daughter has carried her banshee all around Animal Kingdom, as well as through Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and soon Magic Kingdom as well! It’s truly her new “pet.” And no matter which Disney theme park we are visiting, cast members take notice and comment on her creature. It’s so thoughtful and makes her feel so special.

adopt a banshee at animal kingdom

Disney World Experiences are Once in a Lifetime

Whether your little ones are becoming princesses at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or you are eating under the stars in Mexico, you will find once in a lifetime experiences at Disney World. I’ve even shared about how you can visit all four theme parks in the most VIP way possible! But what unites all of these activities is the level of effort that is placed into making each and every guest feel unique.

Let’s be honest. Disney World experiences aren’t cheap. When I shared about building a droid at Hollywood Studios, this represented a special gift for my oldest. However, a lot of yards were mowed in order to make that happen! And when you adopt a banshee, it’s also not cheap. But it’s worth it! My daughter had wanted to adopt a banshee for years. And using her Disney gift card that she received for Christmas, she chose to make it happen! When she walks through a Disney Park, and a Cast Member greets her banshee, she smiles from ear to ear. And that’s worth every penny.

What special activity have you experienced at Disney World that was once in a lifetime? Tell me in the comments or over at the Instagram party!

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